JDM Model Car Group Build, Nissan Silvia

Joined some guys on Instagram for a¬†JDM Model Car Group Build. It’s a quick, three week curbside build. This is a Tamiya Nissan Silvia I had on hand. This is a K’s, 91 or so S13. These are badass cars that were never imported into the US and from what I understand it’s not possible (or legal) to do so. Sporting the SR20DET Turbo and a five-speed manual. Nice! Anyway here is the box –>

Cleaned up the body and primed it…

Got some parts painted and some of the suspension sub-assembly put together. The black was done using flat black with a satin clear. The aluminum is Krylon dull¬†aluminum…

That’s it for now, more updates as I get them, it will be a miricle if I make the finish date (I never do!) and onoy two weeks left, we’ll see! I have some candy green, HOK paint that I may use on the body, I am also thinking about electric blue, still not sure yet.

New Build, AMT 49 Ford

Got this kit at a GoodGuys swapmeet I think, it was five buck, tires were missing!

I used the chassis front clip from a 90’s Mustang parts kit I had on hand. I cut the front suspension and attached the Mustang suspension. It has rack and pinion steering.

Next I added some bracing to the control arms and inserted pins for the wheels to lower it a bit.

In the rear I removed the axle from the leaf springs and inserted “blocks” to lower the rear as well.

The engine is a Cobra SVT 4.6 DOHC that I had on hand.

With some slight modification, the block fits well into the front clip.

I sanded the body and removed the drip rails and primed with a lacquer based grey primer, also installed the front bumber/bezel. This is the custom option on this kit. The wheels came out of my extras box, here is a quick mock up test.