My latest project, a 427 Shelby Cobra. Well, I just could not build a Cobra like every other Cobra in the world, it’s just not how we roll here at Scale Model Kustoms! I did a few mods and¬†¬†painted it this espresso brown and added the whitewalls, it has been dubbued Cobralicious as it kinda looks like a candy bar! haha

It’s almost finished, have a few trim pieces and the exhaust yet to do, stay tuned!

’53 Ford Victora

I am really trying to get back into the swing of things but it’s taking longer than I expected. I have been working on this Ford since I got back home and it’s coming along, I have finished the engine and just completed painting the body. The chassis is ready for assembly and I need to start working the interior. What a slacker, get ‘er done dude!
'53 Victoria WIP #scalemodelkustoms #scalemodel #plasticmodel
Flathead Ford #scalemodelkustoms #scalemodel #plasticmodelg

what up?

What a slacker I am, been a while since I have posted here on the SMK website, thanks for checking in on me and forgive my laziness! Anyway here is something that I have been working on lately!

Been working on this ’41 Plymouth. I shot the body last night using some nail polish that I picked up over Christmas. I will let it gas out a few days and then hit it with some clear. I have some different wheels that I plan on using, the wheels in the picture were just for mockup. I have a cool set that came off the 65 Chevelle Wagon kit from Revell. I think they will look killer! Also, still trying to locate an engine. I am thinking a nice 426 Hemi with a blower would suite this hot rod fine. I know I have a hemi, not sure of the blower, stay tuned! By the way, this kit was a gift from my friend Mike Shanley who brought it into work one day and just gave it to me! Thanks Mike, appreciate that buddy!
'41Plymouth WIP Hide the nail polish ladies! #scalemodel #plymouth #plasticmodel
'41 Plymouth WIP #scalemodel #plasticmodel #plymouth #amt #hotrod #custom #classic
'41 Plymouth WIP #scalemodel #plasticmodel